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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Eastbourne to Seaford via Birling Gap

Judi and I went to Seaford today we drove by the scenic route over Beachy Head past the Belle Tout lighthouse to Birling Gap onto East Dean village, past the Seven Sisters country park and the sheep centre and finally to Seaford a nice town with free parking! It was a dull day and not ideal for taking photos with a point and shoot camera so I`ve warmed them with a bit of colour temperature.

Belle Tout lighthouse had to be moved back from the cliff edge (due to erosion) some years ago quite an engineering feat it`s not in use as a lighthouse any more and is now a B and B with fine views, once again it`s getting closer to the edge, wonder if they can move it back again if so the owner is in for a big bill.

Birling Gap with a view of Seven sisters looking West

Birling Gap looking East to the left you will see a buttressed flank wall of a coast guard cottage and the gardens to the rear. Beachy Head lighthouse can`t be seen from this vantage point, but is further round to the East.

The coast guard cottages one or two have already been lost due to cliff erosion and one assumes over time they all will be, an artist purchased the end one for a £6,000 some years ago I believe and is just waiting for the day to arrive.........no insurance that`s for sure

Seven Sisters sheep centre toward East Dean village

The ewes will be lambing soon

Lush greenery with all the rain

The Tiger Inn pub East Dean

East Dean village square and monument the pole is used for Maypole dancing on  May day every year

The entrance to some magical walking right down to the sea, the Seven sisters country park the sun sadly was low and to the right which meant a photo was not possible looking down to the sea


  1. It was lovely to see pictures of Beachy Head and Birling Gap, we haven't been there for a few years.
    I have great memories of eating eggs and bacon in a camper van at Beachy Head. I remember seeing the lighthouse being moved, it does look quite close again!
    Sarah x

    1. We always fancied a VW camper van Sarah but they were too expensive for us we settled on a touring caravan, all the best, David

  2. Love it! Archetypical English countryside. I see you resisted the temptation to throw yourself off the cliffs at Beachy Head, which has a reputation for being a premier spot for suicides, does it not?

    1. Yes it does Mark I have a friend who is a chaplain up there he often gets a call to go up and try and talk somebody from not jumping off.He has been successful twice.
      He really got me going one day with a joke he said he got a call from a driver who was threatening to drive off the cliff due to financial reasons, I asked him what happened and he said it worked out ok because the passengers on his bus had a whip round.

  3. That was fascinating, thanks for the tour. It's a part of the country I've not been to...yet!

  4. We think we are lucky be able to live in this wonderful county of East Sussex, all the best, David