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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Nikon Coolpix 3200 3.2Mp in exchange for some flower seeds

Camera has gone and I have some seeds on the way

I obtained two of these for a few pounds a few years ago mainly to use on the allotment plot on the basis if they got wet or I dropped them it would hardly be a distaster, well neither event occurred so I am going to give one away, although working perfectly they have hardly any resale monetary value, sadly that is the nature of older digital cameras of today that then get put in a cupboard to retire. I believe Flighty still uses one of these cameras for his blog.
If the recipient would like to send me a few flower seeds they have harvested themselves eg; pot marigolds, limnanthes, sunflower, cornflower etc, for sowing on my new allotment plot I would consider that a fair exchange.
All that will be needed for the camera is a couple of AA batteries a small SD memory card at some stage (the camera does come with a small internal memory) that`s it. I will send it free P and P and it has a fitted case.
Tech. Info. The screen is not easy to read but it has a viewfinder and a good flash range the rest is easy.
In my opinion 3.2MP is ample for simple photos
The Panasonic Lumix camera shown is not part of the swap
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  1. Pity you can't part exchange cameras. They look a bit like the first digital cameras we used with the children at school. Cost quite a bit i relative terms.

  2. most digital cameras now depreciate considerably in the first year not like the old film cameras this would be ideal for school work, did you see the lumix FZ2 I had back in 2001 2 MP what an advance in 13 years

    1. I did David. Just 70 further on now :)

  3. It' s the same with all technology though isn't it - how soon everything becomes out of date. Nice clear pics.

  4. Yes Elaine especially with cameras, a lot of folk think that buy buying a expensive camera makes them a good photographer sadly it doesn`t

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