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Monday, 31 March 2014

A trip round my garden with a macro lens

I love macro photography I get to see detail that I wouldn`t otherwise notice with the naked eye, I have a lens that is dedicated to give a 1-1 or full size image at very close range, a few centimetres in most cases. The following is a small selection taken on a nice evening. The lichen and mosses are a fascinating subject by themselves

Picture are at their best viewed full screen

Selfheal. grows as a weed on my lawn border
Ceanothus flower

Pulmonaria (Lungwort)

Apair of daffodils

Rosemary flower

Lawn Daisy

Pieris forest flame


Daffodil centre

Horizontal moss

Vertical moss


Lichen on the apple tree


  1. Great photos. That reminds me - I have a macro lens for my Olympus camera, but I seldom use it. Must rectify that.

  2. Fantastic photos David - isn't nature wonderful.

  3. This may appear twice if so sorry,
    I enjoy taking macros too but I have to use my widest angle setting and get in very close. The detail is always fascinating.

  4. no I only got this reply once Sue, I see you are using the camera to it`s best abilities good advice to anybody wanting to get the best from their kit