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Friday, 23 November 2012

November and a new PC

Well I finally had to resort to a new PC tower unit, not the monitor keyboard or mouse. I discovered that most of my old digital imaging programs were not compatible with Windows 7 which I wanted to keep as Windows 8 is too new for me. It was those programs which were causing the computer to crash. I am not loading any of those onto the new PC and will use instead Windows Live Photo Gallery and PicMonkey.
We visited my granddaughter for her 6th birthday recently for a nice family get together.
The weather has been pretty awful here in Eastbourne mostly rain with some very high winds I managed to get a couple of photos between the winds and rain.
More high winds forecast for the weekend Judi has bought some oxtail for a casserole in the slow cooker which should be rather tasty.

Holywell slopes Eastbourne looking towards Beachy Head

Gaia 6

My garden the last rose left standing

Our trusty old Swan slow cooker


  1. That picture of Gaia is really lovely.

  2. Thanks Mark I think so but then I am biased, (I see you can leave comments at last)