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Monday, 30 May 2016

This well rotted cow manure is wonderful stuff

Plot update 30th May `16

We recently took delivery from a local farmer a quantity of well rotted cow manure, hard to believe that 18 months earlier it had been a nasty smelly pile of cow poo. Now my plants are getting the benefit of the wonderful earthy natural fertilizer. I am trying to find a word that best describes the smell ............

I did a trial of some spinach with and without the manure and my photos speak for themselves. I had a really large picking today much  earlier than expected.

Martyn Garrett from A Gardeners Weather Diary here had his bamboo bean poles supported with a cross brace which I tried on mine as my plot is very exposed and a strong wind had collapsed the poles in the past, its good but not as strong as a simple pole placed at one end at an angle, I will probably use both methods, belt and braces so to speak.

My runner beans have flowers and are nearly at the top of the poles, will I get an early crop?

I also am trying baby sweetcorn Minipop for the first time I planted those out with the magic cow manure liberally applied when digging over.

and had my final small pick of asparagus

wonderful stuff
Better growth with manure, note my dirty finger nails no gloves for me when planting out

much slower growth rate with no cow manure added

My normal effective simple brace
cross brace ok but would be better about half way up the poles not as effective as one brace
Minipop sweetcorn

flowers on enorma runner beans
Even I can take a one handed out of focus picture


  1. David, it's good to see your blogging and gardening in earnest again! Re the bean-poles, I have an arrangement whereby I can attach my bean-support-structure to a metal "eye" set into the wall of our house, and a tree at the other end, using some nylon washing-line. Of course it is rather unsightly and I only put it up if a big storm is forecast - usually only in October some time!

  2. We have just planted out our climbing beans and are hoping that the slugs don't move in.

  3. slugs got three of mine but i had reserves just in case