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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Carrots in six weeks

I am growing  Accord first early potatoes in bags this year for the first time, in addition to some on the allotment plot and they are doing very well. I placed the bags on a patch of ground that was not doing a lot since some perennial geraniums died off and would you believe the geraniums have started growing again between the bags.

At the same time I planted on some very young Paris Market small round carrots in a Growmore multi-compost pot and was amazed to see that some are ready to pick. I have not had the best of luck with carrots on the plot not only do I find germination tricky but they suffer badly from the carrot fly. I am considering doing what Mark does on his veg plot and plant in raised containers with a covering of very fine mesh, I do love home grown carrots they cannot be beaten for flavour.

 The Agapanthus my son gave me  is showing signs of new growth in its smart terracotta pot

And finally to save reducing file sizes for blogs etc in post editing, I set my camera file size on the lowest available 3Mb basic, and posted here straight from the memory card

geranium between the spuds

Paris Market small round carrot nearly ready

Agapanthus in a lovely large terracotta pot so much better than plastic


  1. I have had a lot of success with growing veggies in pots & containers - with one exception: the radish. It never seems to be any good when grown in a pot. It bolts and never bulks up properly.

  2. We always cover our carrots with environmesh which is effective against carrotfly but the slugs are still a problem

    1. thats the word I was looking for thanks Sue