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Monday, 26 May 2014

The rolling donkey and the sleeping pigs

Two years ago we visited the Donkey Sanctuary at Ivybridge North Devon Here a lovely place and while there paid a subscription to adopt a donkey, a worthwhile cause for the excellent work they do in rescuing some really distressed animals. We recommend a visit for a nice day out in a lovely part of Devon if you love donkeys as we do.
Yesterday we visited Sharnfold Farm Eastbourne Here who have two donkeys and also rear pigs for their own butchers shop.
The vagaries of the British weather meant it was raining in the north of England but here in the south we had a lovely warm and sunny day as is often the case, one of the two donkeys had a good roll in the grass while the pigs found it too hot to do anything except sleep in the shade, very sensible.


  1. Wonderful pictures especially the donkey rolling in the grass. We have only visit the donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth. It is a wonderful place and of course we have an adopted donkey too. Sarah x

  2. ThanksSarah I thought you might have

  3. I love that photo of all the pigs. We've got one of the Elisabeth Svendsen donkey sanctuaries here in Leeds but I've never visited. They're such lovely animals, hard to understand how anyone can treat them so cruelly.