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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Colour or Black and White

When I started in photography some 50 plus years ago black and white was the expected film medium for home use, with colour processing reserved for the wealthy with deep pockets. I rarely use B and W now but it does sometimes look nice in portraiture. In post editing now with Photoshop 7 digital software that I use it is very easy to convert one to the other.
Here are a couple of quick indoor daylight lit candid shots I took recently in both B and W and colour, I leave it to you to express your own preference.


  1. I couldn't possibly choose they are all excellent - what big brown eyes they have, something you probably wouldn't realise in black and white.

  2. I remember when you had a school photo taken and needed to fill in a form to describe the colours you were wearing which we then somehow coloured in! Also we have old colour phots that have turned red with age. It's such a pity we didn't have the opportunity to gather as many photos of the past as we can now.

    I like both too but I think B/W is more dramatic. Have you ever used Abode Lightroom which we use.

  3. no have not tried Lightroom Sue, Photoshop is the industry standard and having paid an awful amount of money for it (hundreds) will stick with it for the time being. I like your memories of school photos brought my own back to me

  4. I feel the black and white pictures are timeless. I have a selection of white and black pictures of the family all displayed together. Sarah x

  5. timeless is the right word Sarah thanks