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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Self imposed computer malfunction,

We gauge wind speed with this chap by the noise from the propeller 
Computers are wonderful when they are working and a real pain when they are not, they are part of the daily lives of most of us at home or at work whether for Facebook Twitter, On-line banking, paperless billing, digital photography etc etc etc.
Sadly mine crashed yesterday while downloading a large file of digital photos, now this was probably my fault since I have digital editing software that works OK on windows XP but has never really liked Windows 7, why I have continued to use it is beyond sensible but there we are it crashed big time.
It left me no option but to re-boot to a system recovery disc via start up and Bios which gave me back the computer but with every personal item wiped off.
So last night was a mammoth task of getting most programmes  back on, I had a external hard drive thankfully with all my pictures on it so that was good news, so was Google after I downloaded Chrome which I prefer to IE, all my favourite tabs were still in place on the address bar, bless you Google, all this took four hours.
Lessons to be learnt for me only use software that is compatible  with Windows 7 and don`t overload the system with software I am not going to use on a regular basis.

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